Price Changes App
about 2 months ago

Cronum: Price Changes - Version 1.1 live

Great News!
We just published a major update to our App "Cronum: Price Changes" 🎉

This update includes:

Significant performance improvements
Due to the increasing number of merchants using our app, the performance for stores with a large number of products was sometimes not satisfying. We improved the data handling and the database usage to provide a smother and better way for our merchants to display the price quotation in their store.

Support for saving information in metafields
Finally, support for metafields is rolling out 🙏🏼
From now on, all the information about the price quotation and the lowest price will be stored in metafields. This dos not only improve the performance dramatically, but also makes it possible for our merchants and other programmers to use the lowest price for other purposes. You can find more information about this in our knowledge article.

Improvement of the product indexing
The indexing of products now takes place much more efficiently and smoothly. In addition, the indexing of products is now already carried out during the first installation, before the merchant can use the app. This eliminates synchronization issues and improves performance.

Adding support for manual product synchronization
Sometimes it can happen that the App needs a moment to add new products to the index. Also, under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to resynchronize the products. To enable this process, a feature was introduced to provide the merchants with the option for manual synchronization.